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I am a Reiki healer and Reiki Master…

Reiki healing is my favourite subject and in Reiki tradition, I’ll keep explanations brief since healing and teaching Reiki is straight forward.

Reiki is a profound healing syste,. The way Reiki is promoted by Western Teaching may not be on par with work ethics, beliefs, therapeutic approach of Mikao Usui the founder and/or Eastern Philosophy. Reiki combins well in with Complementary medicine, Alternative healing and/or Orthodox treatments.

It is believed that Mikao Usui was given an honorary doctorate in Japan for providing help and healing to the poor as an act of compassion and charity.

Reiki carries no dogma, it is not a religion, a spiritual application and no belief is required to benefit from its healing capacity

How does Reiki healing work?

The best way to explain how healing works is to experience being healed. With experience,, comes understanding.

Most healer are thought to apply a prescriptive system until they acquire sufficient experience. Reiki students are told that when a healer places their hands in the prescribed Reiki hand positions healing will take place. Healers are the conduit of healing energy but not its origins.

When healers remove their hands from all prescribed positions the flow of Reiki stops. The healing received by a recipient will stay with them. In other word’s a healer might say ‘Healing on’ to start and ‘healing off’ to conclude a session.

My belief is that healing takes place between Reiki and the person asking to be healed. After practising for a while it became evident that there are other ways to work with Reiki healing than following a ‘parrot fashion’. My strongest traits were always in verbal communication and it came as no surprise for me that Reiki is readily carried through the words I use and an intent to heal. Ever since then I allow the Reiki to flow as needed while I am free to continue with reading psychically.