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Every reader has his/her reading style…

There are no accreditation or diplomas in ‘How to’ psychic read. No two readers see the same things for the same seeker, even when they use identical tools. Furthermore, seeing someone minutes later or earlier may lead to incomparable messages.

I use a few reading styles listed here and stay clear of others.

It’s not my intention to say that my skills are superior to other readers of claiming to be the only one capable to work in this way. Tough I am not an entertainer, I am required by law to state somewhere on my web pages that readings are for entertainment only.

I don’t consider seekers lessons to meet are entreating or do so for a dare. Psychic reading is my vocation and I treat people as I would have liked to be treated.

I assume that anyone booking a reading is over eighteen years of age, has read and understood how I work. My website is part of my advertising platform and terms/conditions.

My fees are per person:

This isn’t an all encompassing list of reading styles

Clairvoyance is a capacity to see visions, events, people and places outside ordinary perception. Known as remote viewing.

Clairaudience is an ability to hear things inaudible in regular mode.

Clairsentience sensing things (gut feeling, mentally knowing).

Mediumship may entail contacting the dead, spirits and/or giving soul survival evidence.

Stage mediums give messages from angelic entities, spirits of dead people, ascended masters, higher-self, soul and God consciousness.

Animal Telepathy is an ability to connect with feelings or thoughts of animals.

Intuition is an innate sense about thoughts, activities, events and feelings beyond ordinary perception without consciously being aware of this.

Astral projection is a sense of being outside the physical body, in another position viewing events unfolding in near or far-away places, in the future/or backwards in time. Looking at a person in such a state they may appear as if they are  asleep or unconscious. When in conscious states they can describe what was said or done in detail.

As with ‘near death experience’ most people are reluctant to talk about these experiences for fear of being ridiculed.

Past life regression/reincarnation similar to astral projection, but facilitated by hypnosis or meditation and this can happen spontaneously. If a person is unprepared, it can be an unpleasant process. When guided by a therapist and for earthly goals, many challenges can be resolved. Not recommended to be used for a laugh and/or entertainment.

Psychic healing is a capacity people are born with and in theory we could all be healers for ourselves and/or others. Most healing styles are ‘Hands on’ and performed intuitively. When giving/receiving healing the mind can focus on what many call ‘vivid dreams’.

Aura Reading sensitive people say that they perceive electric pulses around others, animals, vegetation, life forms, inanimate objects. Today auras can be photographed and measured as electromagnetic radiation.

Divination is an ability to foretell the future or the fortunes of self/others and/or making prophecies with/without the use of an object.

Channelling like automatic writing, is said to be an outside intelligence taking over/controlling the vocal chords/actions of a person. A channeller is known as a communication vessel of otherwise invisible entities.

Dowsing an age-old art of using objects like sticks, rods, pendulums, crystals or mental activity to locate people, animals, objects, etc.

Precognition foretelling the future, present or past by obtaining data from things a person wants to know, rather than physically viewing this with the eyes.

Psychometry perceived as energy impressions or vibrations of what is viewed, touched or as flashbacks of what was possessed or held by someone with strong emotions attached to things.

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis abilities to affect/move objects with the power of one’s mind.

Telepathy communicating with others mentally. Often happens between parents, children and/or those with strong bonds (love/hate) between them.

Automatic writing perceived by the conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind, higher-self and/or soul. In theory parts of one’s awareness picks up spirit communications and some state they are controlled by other phenomena not mentioned here.

In psychology automatic writing is also used to communicate between conscious and subconscious minds as a means of resolving otherwise too traumatic life issues/challenges.

Statements mentioned above can apply to all divination forms.


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