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What you read here and the rest of my pages…

is my understanding about the psychic realm, messages, where they originate from and how I provide readings. My approach may differ marginally or considerably from other readers.

What can be found on these pages…?

Every effort has been made to include everything needed to help seekers understand my working style and to then decide if they wish to have a reading with me.

Most effective psychics attest that they always longed to read for people as a vocation and that they developed their skills over the years. Every psychic works in a personal way and even unlike anyone else. Readings are for guidance and messages are not ‘things cast in stone’.

I cannot explain why or how intuition guided me to spend time on developing my psychic capacities. Like most psychics my own development attracted to psychic, clairvoyant, healing insights which required for mediumship. Some prevalent aspects of mediumship do not sit comfortably with me and my professional awareness is directed along other paths to assist clients.

Intuition guides my skill and source gives me messages to pass on. Even though source shows me many things about other people’s lives, I found that ask a question a seeker a question feels less intrusive to pass on as a message. Many time, telling an appropriate story is enough to forearm a client. Messages given to me can be about the past, present or what is yet to come.

Seekers can listen to my words in an absent minded way, or access their inner wisdom and figure what is relevant to them now, make an alternative choice.

As mentioned earlier, I may not always understand what every seeker wants to learn from their reading, what crucial messages will be given to me to pass on and what they rather wish not to hear come what may.

Then again, how else could it be?

In an hour’s reading gives a limited amount of time to select from all the messages given to me to pass on to a person who asked for the reading!

It is up to seeker to reveal to me after I pass on their messages why they have come for a reading. When they do, they can gain more clarity where I addressed their subjects of interest.

What I do in psychic and clairvoyant readings…

In readings I use intuition, telepathy, empathy, cards, crystals and healing. My reading’s aim is to assist client understanding, increase accuracy of messages and to provide guidance.

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