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I am a Past Life Regression therapist

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a potent therapeutic tool with hypnosis as its main integral part of treatment of hypnotherapy.

What is Past Life Regression therapy?

PLP must not be confused with spiritual and spirituality.

PLR treatment starts with current life issues, resolution and progressing as a metaphorical journey on this plain of reality. PLR treatment will progress much more efficiently to a life or lives before this one, if applicable and when therapeutic benefits can be achieved for the entire self (mind, body and soul).

Past life regression treatment requires preparation if client and therapist do not wish for a journey in uncomfortable territories. The human mind is an amazing part, it is programmable and very creative. The mind cannot create its own beliefs, thoughts and outcomes. The human mind is not that complicated. The mind functions like a yes machine.

If a person tends to always think in a negative mode the mind will attract experiences which resonate with such thinking. Unfortunately, many of us are conditioned from early childhood to mostly think in a negative fashion (don’t do that, who do you think you are, protect yourself from negative energy and watch out for those who are out to get you, etc.).

Fortunately tough, thinking is progressing as a conveyer belt, so it is programmable. Thinking can create good outcomes as readily as bad one and since thinking is created through self-talk we can use this to remind ourselves that we went to a course and now ‘I can dance, drive a car, sing, work as an engineer and that grouchy so and so helped me to… for no reason’ ect. In other words ‘counting our blessing can be useful. Now, our mind is not stupid and just by using positive talk it will not suddenly help you do things against your well being or knowing right from wrong.

Can anyone be harmed by PLR?

YES and NO! Harm might occur if clients have unrealistic expectations and therapist is lacking adequate training.

Do therapists/clients have to believe in life before this one?

NO and YES! Providing that client and therapist enter into PLR with realistic expectations, good preparation and rapport, result can be remarkable and healing will be experienced.

In all the years of practising as a hypnotherapist, counsellor or healer not a single client was ever harmed by my approach to PLR treatment. I do not intend for things to change in the foreseeable future.

In fact, clients regress to a past life when their inner-self feels ready to deal with problems stemming from their past (be it resolving things in this life first or lives before this one). When clients feel ready they regress spontaneously and unmistakably through establishing a mutual rapport between client/therapist.

Can everybody experience their past life/lives?

YES and NO! Providing client and therapist treat client’s mind with respect and deference healing always follow.

There are times a person cannot be hypnotised or regressed to a life before this one. This can happen when:

It seems to me that popular PLR (more often than not) is driven by fashion rather than consideration to well being either by misguided client demands and/or well meaning one weekend trained therapists who also work without over sight.

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