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There’s no such a thing as too little stress nor is it possible to sustain this forever

Some people lament that in the past they just thrived on lots of stress. However, what we love at 20 can become chronic, tiresome and stressful.

It is not an exaggeration to say that unchecked stress can easily lead to illness and may even become terminal (i.e. a massive coronary within a couple of weeks or five years later). Lately even the medical and psychological professions conceded that most if not all acquired illness physical or mental are emanating from stress.

Clairvoyant Leeds - Tarot Card Reading - Numerology

We can all succumb to stress. Stress ruins too many lives of otherwise successful, well to do and calm individuals ever since life on earth began. Stress is not a recent affliction of human life.

Life is constantly changing whether we like it or not. Change is an inevitable and universal process. We either accept change and allow it to enhance our lives or fear this natural progression. Fearing and resisting change has been the cause most strife and war in this world.

Stress is natural. Too much stress can lead to mental, physical, emotional and adverse financial consequences for the very young, old, rich, poor, privileged and even successful individuals.

Change is as unavoidable and natural as it is normal. What I mean here ‘ when we are very young’ we cannot wait to grow-up be able to do the things adults can. On reaching adulthood we best accept the accompanying responsibilities we did not realise what was entailed as part of the package. For example, learning new skills (painting, dancing, driving, reading, writing, riding a bike or driving a car can feel exiting & scary). Once we master a skill it can be a source of pleasure or disappointment and we might find out that we incur financial and costs.

Stress or distress best not be ignored or left until terminal problems/illness manifest. Prevention is easier that having to deal with the problems stress can cause. The difficulty for our parents or carers is how to communicate appropriately about how we are supposed to deal with stress, what is significant or insignificant and how we can tell the difference.

Until ten years ago health providers asserted in the face overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that infants and children suffered from depression or took their lives when faced with stressful and adverse relationships or living conditions.

Regardless of age, when a person is stressed out we all can suffer anxiety, panic, depression, serious mental illness or become terminally ill.

My words are not intended scare just for impact. Throughout my career it was not easy for me to reconcile why people are happy take preventive action to fend off serious physical malaise due to stress, but feel ashamed or shamed when they cannot cope with the consequential stress related problems.

Clairvoyant Leeds - Tarot Card Reading - Numerology

A little stress is good for us, exciting and adds spice to our lives

However, excessive, prolonged or unresolved stress can lead to problems:

Ignoring stress for too long can be addictive and equally debilitating (compulsions, phobias or allergies may involve an inability to keep away from things that are adverse/counter productive for the quality our live and they are stress related too).

Managing stress isn’t complicated

Though most of us don’t regard stress as humanity’s enemy number one. These aren’t just statements of a stress management counsellor, any more than saying that stress-free living can quickly turn to boredom. Moderate stress is far more preferable.

If adverse stress becomes our constant companion, it is more effective and financially less onerous to seek professional help as soon as possible. There’s no badge of honour for suffering silently for weeks or years, anymore than reaching for food, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, inappropriate relationships, self-medication or becoming a workaholic just to get through a day.

When faced with adversity, seeking professional help for reducing, managing or resolving human distress is not an act to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Admitting that we are a victim of stress ought to be accompanied with a sense of relief, as this can be the first sensible step to reducing stress and the danger of physical illness, homelessness, relationship break-down, unemployment, having all sorts of accidents, going bust or becoming ill by as much as 90%.

Investing in a stress management course or therapy can be accomplished in as little as six weeks and is much more cost effective than luxury shopping sprees and/or expensive holidays.

My investment in a ‘Personal development course’ was rather a steep investment. I chose to swap a successful/remunerative career to become a stress management counsellor, hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner (before still having to admit at a few more workshops how stressed I really felt). Many might be surprised to know just how many professionals, successful business owners, actors, athletes and high flying executives push their own boundaries too far and deny what was blindingly obvious to everyone else.

In the last 22 years, I was able to help thousands of stressed out people from all walks of life. If you are visiting this website you might already feel stressed, so why not pick up the phone, lets talk and explore if I might be able to assist you to overcome whatever stressful situation you are under. Click contact page



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