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Hypnosis can augment talking therapy for phobias, fears, personal challenges and more

There are endless situations where people suddenly find it difficult to deal with their current life experience or come to terms with their difficulties.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not suitable for everyone and definitely can’t be viewed as a silver bullet to solve all human problems and challenges.

Listing alphabetically all hypnosis treatments to help people would be long or might satisfy curiosity without giving a clear picture (click here for home page list, counselling or stress management).

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What would be the best treatment for any client and challenge anyone is needing/wanting to resolve?

For example, addictions, eating disorders, clinical depression, anger management or similar personal challenges would be best served by counselling in combination with stress management and self-hypnosis skills.

However uncomfortable symptoms may fluctuate from a persistent, mild, overwhelming feelings which might be accompanied by severe emotional and physical sensations in a relatively short time.

Causes of personal problems may or may not be immediately identifiable. Besides, what leads to the uncomfortable presenting problems depends on trigger events, how long they remained unresolved and who else is involved. When reasons for feeling upset remain less obvious, that can add discomfort. The good news is that with professional help most people can free themselves even from debilitating feelings in a matter of a few sessions.

Just how many sessions a client needs cannot be determined before the start of the therapeutic process would be anymore than which part of a therapist skills would more suitable for any client.

What a therapist can say without hesitation is whether their experience and expertise is within the remit of the assistance required.

My recommendation at first sessions is to set up a plan of action to agree with the client, which may consist of a six week treatment programme to be evaluated as necessary between client and therapist. This means that the first session lasts for one and a half hours, with following session for just one hour. This approach proved most effective for clients I worked with to become and remain symptom free. Including self-hypnosis or meditation greatly increases success rates for the therapeutic goals to be accomplished.

In the last 22 years I never accepted a client I was uncertain my experience and expertise were not sufficient. Furthermore, I always plan that client’s therapy will conclude satisfactorily and successfully.

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Hypnotherapy, stress management, counselling

Hypnotherapy, counselling and stress management by nature can yield speedier results than analytical methods. However, there are times where clients needs the analytical route will be more ethical.

In stress management counselling there is seldom need for in-depth psycho-analysis, though it requires talking a little more than in hypnotherapy.

Making an enquiry with me over the phone doesn’t obligate either party to anything. Nevertheless, an enquiry over the phone saves time and ensures that a client finds the right practitioner for them and are at ease discussing their important issues they need and want to resolve during consultations.

Treatments set-out through these web pages can help with many challenges. With the application of hypnosis for therapy, clients can move towards their successful therapy conclusion faster. However, rushing ahead for the sake of speed or to avoid clients having to talk about painful subjects usually proves to be a false economy (and I will not partake in such unethical treatments). Like any treatment styles listed here, it must not be seen as silver bullet for all human pains, ills and concerns.