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Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, Stress management counsellor in Leeds since 1996

Providing therapy assistance in the Leeds, Yorkshire area to people over the age of 21 as an independent practitioner in full-time capacity

Throughout these pages every effort was made to disclose as much information to enable visitors to make informed decisions about consulting with Effie about their important personal challenges. It is client’s own responsibility to read all these site pages before booking an appointment to save time, avoid confusion and disappointment. Effie reserves the right to make a full charge for each session regardless.

This is a very busy practice and if you need to cancel any booked appointments, please notify Effie by phone at least 7 working days in advance so that someone else can benefit from the cancellation. Effie reserves the right to make a full charge if such a cancellation is not made.

Terms and conditions of practice are outlined here and throughout this website for additional clarity.

Terms for returning products

We provide therapeutic services only, therefore product return does not apply to this site.