Hypnotherapy for wellbeing

Hypnotherapy for wellbeing



Hypnotherapist and stress management counsellor established in Leeds since 1996

Hypnotherapy in the service to heal symptoms of anxiety, depression, fears, panic attacks, phobias and help remedy effectively posttraumatic stress disorders

Hypnotherapy is a useful treatment in the services of wellbeing. Most people benefit from the therapeutic effects of incorporating hypnosis. However, a few individuals require a different approach due to their personality, duration/depth of symptoms and other well-being requirements.

Hypnotherapy become popular because of the way the human mind works and ease of application to heal the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fear, panic attack, phobia and remedy post-traumatic stress disorder. With inclusion of hypnosis, people can begin to benefit from treatment very fast, but that does not imply that the cause of their problems have been addressed and removed.

Learning to induce hypnosis can take as little as fifteen minutes. Providing holistic treatment… that usually can take a lifetime of working with clients and training. With experience, the quality of treatment provided will improve with additional skills (e.g. Counselling, Stress management, Meditation, Nlp, Healing, ect.).

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