Reiki healing

Reiki healing for wellbeing


Reiki healing of others, self-healing and distant healing

Giving healing to another person, self-healing and distant healing are known as a ‘Laying of Hands’ on the clothed body of someone or in the vicinity of the body. Healing is easy to do, but explaining how it works is a little more time consuming.

Healing cannot replace appropriate medical or therapeutic treatments and it would be irresponsible or misleading to suggest otherwise. My healing work includes therapy and counselling.

There are endless healing styles and there’s little or no training is required to provide healing services. Being a hypnotherapist and counsellor, words are my healing instrument instead of hands and this requires a great deal of training and to keep up to date with my skills. It’s impossible to name the healing style I use, other than to say that it is based on Reiki. I do not teach others how to become a healer or therapist.

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