Hypnosis and self-hypnosis

Hypnosis and Self hypnosis


Hypnosis and Self hypnosis are known to makes all other therapies work effectively

The reason for this is straight forward, even before we are born (perhaps as early as three months after conception) we become aware of sounds and more to the point words of our mother and future carers. In the womb we learn to regard words as calming and/or alarming. Furthermore, words stay with us for the rest of our lives. We talk to ourselves all the time and through words we construct our realities or destroy them far faster than we realise. By talking to ourselves we hypnotise ourselves!

All therapies are talking therapies.

What hypnotherapists refer to as ‘Hypnotic trance induction’ counsellors of most other therapies refer to as ‘Establishing rapport’ and untrained people regard this as ‘Like and dislike’.

Establishing rapport is possible to be formed through ‘empathy’ not ‘sympathy’. No therapist or counsellor can remain in this profession for as long as a year if they don’t master the issue of rapport. Keeping in mind that rapport cannot be faked it is the mark of a truly skilled professional.

However, rapport and therapy can happen with client’s cooperation and willingness to do their part in their important process of their treatment. So, with the best will in the world therapist and counsellor cannot:-

Put therapy into people

Make people act against their free will and beliefs

Tell anyone what things to believe

Effective use of hypnosis in therapy and counselling mark out professional experts but people mistakenly entering this profession, soon leave disappointed. This is no different than any other career.

Hypnotherapy, stress management counselling and nlp are my fields of expertise. After 22 years, I still find my work as refreshing and interesting as I did during training and perhaps even more so due to experience.

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