What reincarnation can help to remedy?

Reincarnation is a therapy using hypnosis and as such it has limitless applications just like Past Life Regression and Nlp. Use of hypnosis help clients to enter deep trance for healing purposes.

For therapeutic convenience we call the brain:

  • CONSCIOUS MIND - It is critical and judgemental. The conscious uses 3% - 7% brain function and works like computer software. Still, the conscious is remarkable. It thinks (self-talk and restless) non-stop and consumes vast amounts of energy. The conscious is the weakest part of us.
  • SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - Has a creative, inventive and charming function with potent use of 75% brain capacity. Being intuitive its instantaneous access is effortless to the whole person’s existence, to what was learned from others and co-ordinates the body’s organ functionality.
  • UNCONSCIOUS MIND - Responsible for survival at an instinctive level. It barely uses 1% - 3% of brain capacity instantaneously and it is believed that we cannot access its functionality.

Although the subconscious is the least critical part of us, it is by far the most powerful one. Accessing this deeper level guided by a therapist’s words, the client is then invited to hold an internal dialogue to find resolutions to what could not be reached otherwise. The brain can resolve challenges with all ‘Talking Therapies’, but hypnotherapists found that engaging the mind in hypnosis is more efficient and healing can take root more speedily in most situations.

Hypnosis can access the mind with words and deep breathing. Then client is invited to envisage future situations free from current difficulties and ‘future pace’, imagine and/or practise mentally what such scenarios could be like. This can be repeated several times until the mind accepts the imagined reality as already having happened and it progresses in that direction. The mind cannot differentiate between powerfully imagined and real events. To the mind it is one and the same. Therapists give clients tools to enable them to strengthen the talents/skills/abilities they were born with, more effectively and efficiently.

Therapists observe client’s behaviour and suggest activities to act upon (e.g. with issues like anxiety, panic, fear or depression clients can be invited to practise a five minutes daily breathing exercise and many find that they begin to feel better due to therapy. However, ensure feeling better after treatment, clients may need to do their exercises for rest of their lives to prevent anxiety, panic, fear and depression symptoms returning.

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