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Counselling services

Counselling services in Cookridge, Leeds, Yorkshire by Effie Gardner.


Counselling is a service to help heal the source of personal challenges including symptoms of anxiety, depression, fears, panic attacks, phobias and for post-traumatic stress disorders.

Counselling is less popular than many treatments in the services of wellbeing for three reasons:

1.               It appears as a long-drawn process.

2.              Active participation of client needed in verbalise the problems from their points of view.

3.              Wider public perception.

My web site starts by stating that all therapies may include elements of hypnosis due of the way the mind is structured. The mind helps us survive in the most effective ways which surprisingly entail enduring symptoms like anxiety, depression, fears, panic attacks, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Why would our mind inflict on us symptoms with their unpleasant effects?

Actually, the powerful part of our mind ‘the subconscious’ reacts spontaneously and automatically (without the luxury of time to analyse external or internal threats)!

The conscious mind is amazing in its functions, yet it is the weakest part of our mind. If in answer to a minor or major threat, the choice was left to the conscious, by the time and/or if it ever reached a conclusion our entire system could collapse irreparably or even cease to exist.

Some people experiences are severe and need counselling to help themselves to relax physically, mentally and emotionally enough before releasing their painful symptoms (e.g. anxiety, depression, fear, panic attack, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder) and supplement those functions with what is as good as, equal to and/or better than the subconscious made earlier. Here it is the conscious mind with it’s reasoning capacity is needed to accept solutions an individual reaches with the help of a counsellor.

For treatment effectiveness, I use hypnotherapy, stress management, life coaching, mindfulness (ect.), as standalone treatment or an appropriately required combination.