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Past life regression

What past life regression can help to remedy?


Past life regression and reincarnation are second to none for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions or other threats on a person’s life. Such even embed into our minds as a hypnotic imprint and past life regression and reincarnation are very effective therapeutic tool to help such people. PTSD resolution cannot be hurried and/or underestimate in anyway. NOTE click here before reading on.

Past life regression (PLR) is a very potent tool of hypnotherapy, but it is a specialised area for very deep-seated trauma experienced in a recent or distant past. To avoid fear, the levels of hypnosis people are facilitated to enter will be significantly deeper. With childhood or deep-trauma the conscious mind may or may not be aware of details which remain hidden, though not the symptoms. In such situations a person finds it nearly impossible to resolve things on their own.

We may be exposed to someone else’s traumatic experiences which sounded frightening to us. As children we may have encountered events for which we are not intellectually prepared and for which we lack verbal dexterity or capacity to understand (e.g. a medical procedure requiring hospitalisation was needed that involved parental separation). Most fears or terrors developing in later life, can be found in childhood reactions rather than obscure events. Of course, there are events which in everyday awareness could be much too threatening for the conscious mind to recall.

There are compelling reasons for using PLR because though NLP is using almost exactly the same therapy strategies the words are worlds apart. It is best that PLR is used following a great deal of preparation by client and therapist, with both agreeing that this is the best way to progress. There are compelling reasons our brain protects us from too painful insights to avoiding further traumatisation and your finances or time being wasted. Hypnotherapy is adequate for most challenges but in my experience PLR can present itself spontaneously if necessary.

PLR is about going back in time to find what talents and skills we had way back then which helped us survive the past difficulties and/or trauma (in nlp this is known as ‘Timeline’ journey). Whatever those abilities were, we can still access them, bring them forward to present time, view them mentally in future context and include present abilities to enable ourselves to be free from our past.

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