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Learn self-hypnosis

Mindfulness, self-hypnosis meditation relaxation techniques.



Mindfulness, self-hypnosis and meditation are relaxation techniques to strengthen the process of overcoming personal challenges, self-empowerment, improving well-being, developing talents and motivation. However, use of self-hypnosis is limited  only by imagination because a person can design their own scripts or have someone write them for recording. Recording a script is an additional service and it will be on a CD.

Please read mindfulness page for a deeper understanding.

I am happy to provide self-hypnosis scripts following an initial interview with a client. My scripts are effective but cannot replace appropriate treatments with a professional practitioner. People who had treatment with another therapist may want to refresh their achievements. However, for recurring issues, it might be advisable to go back to the original practitioner or start treatments afresh with someone else who can help you resolve your issues faster and more economically. I have no idea what and how treatment was constructed, so remember that you will be responsible for your welfare, how you use your CD and what you want to work on.