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Life coaching

Life coaching is a way to design your career, education and social life.


I coupled life coaching with nlp as they are designed to enable people to choose and/or evaluate their career, education, social life for the first time, all over again or as many times as needed before feeling confident about being on the right track. For example:

  • You might be a new first time parent, a university graduate and have a dream career opportunity offered to you with great financial rewards but you feel unable to make a decision.
  • You have been working as a labourer for twenty years and be a parent of almost adult children. You have an opportunity and you always dreamt to open a B & B on the East coast but you feel unable to make a decision because of never having done anything like it before.

Click the Nlp page because life coaching and nlp are in fact very similar, not only where client does not have to declare to themselves or others that they have a confidence, personal problem you cannot solve or social crisis which might have more to do with being stuck in a dead-end/low paid job than anything else. Being a master Nlp practitioner enables me to see the similarities of contents and approach to these two disciplines being so striking. In fact, stress management, counselling and hypnotherapy play a big role in Life Coaching, in a roundabout way. Being able to offer additional skills in a roundabout way helps clients no end.

Being a hypnotherapist enables me to apply myself to Nlp, stress management and counselling (though perhaps not as easily the other way around so  seamlessly). Perhaps, my background being in middle business management for twenty years also facilitates skill transference.

 A friend of mine was a secretary of one of the best complimentary medicine centres in his town. As a qualified nlp master practitioner, life coach and hypnotherapist he did voluntary support work. He suffered from low self-esteem, social phobia for years and was about to enlist for an expensive psychology course. After asking what his heart’s desire was, he said that he wanted to be an independent counsellor and work from home like me.

This was the most rewarding ‘Life Coaching’ work I performed because nine weeks life coaching and hypnotherapy work later he resolved a protracted relationship conflict, painted a back room, printed business cards and he was welcoming his first fee paying client. Ten years later, he is in gainful self-employment as one of the best therapists in Yorkshire.