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All therapies have much in common with treatments based on Hypnosis.

Apologies for being honest!

The unpalatable truth is that like many things in life, there is no legal requirement to qualify in any of the talking therapies available nor are there trusted supervisory bodies to rely on. Psychology and psychiatry are still regarded as ‘Cinderella professions by medical, legal and scientific professions regardless how often stated otherwise. Even more unsettling is the fact that the NHS use ex-service sells of mental health help to provide psychological and psychiatric service (if you are lucky to get such help).

There is no legal requirement for talking therapy training providers and/or centres to qualify or have practice in their fields either.

One in every fourth person, can suffer from mild to very severe mental health problems at any time in life. Yet the best talking therapy help is still offered by individuals with the following qualities:

  • Diverse life experience
  • Having integrity and care for other human being
  • People like me who participated in some courses which were very good and/or verging on appalling but managed to devise a method that helps and works with many people.

In other words, there is nothing new under the sun.

So, how to choose someone to ask for help from? The answer is, ‘the old fashion way’!

You will have to read what therapists say about themselves and their work on their web-pages. Then, pick up the phone and interview them. After which, consult with your intuition and you will be surprised that this best way to find the needed/wanted help without unneeded medication, substances or waste of money.

Perhaps 20 years is just the right time to appreciate that every therapeutic method includes deeper or lighter states of hypnosis or to be more precise trance.

Hypnosis is a natural, normal and essential state of mind for human survival. Entering hypnotic states is a spontaneous reaction of our brain when it perceives a ‘Life and Death’ or ‘Flight or Fight’ situation when there is no time to calculate or analyse things. Infant survival instincts become activated in milliseconds.

There are endless stories about ‘Human Survival’ against the odds which are said to be miraculous, super natural or just fortunate. Such tales might lead to misconceptions about hypnosis and folklore beliefs which are more exciting to relate than simply stating Entering a hypnotic state is nature’s answer to human survival. Nevertheless, may be there was some point (usually early childhood) when we felt too scared by a:

  • Really frightening event
  • Very bad dream
  • Imagined scenario that had happened or might happen in the future
  • Listening to somebody else’s tragic account

To the brain any of these scenarios are another opportunity to learn, to get stuck or to freeze in panic. In some situations the brain is unable to differentiate between a challenging scenario or make a conscious decision about what is the best response. That is why 100 people observing the same incident and reach 10,000 conclusions all depending on equally valid, but random responses.

Hypnotherapists witness these human reactions endlessly, but as our work experience grows our expertise helps us to reach more advanced or sophisticated therapeutic evaluations to help clients better. Often it is vital to use therapeutic intuition than to rely on judgement to choose a treatment intervention while at other times it would be best to listen to a client’s assessment about their choice. With experience however, the therapeutic choice has to rely on therapist’s intuitive indications.

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