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Mindfulness is a collective name for self-hypnosis, meditation and relaxation systems.



Names and titles of techniques change over the years to incorporate new insights. Mindfulness is not a new standalone treatment. ‘Mindfulness’ is an integral part of hypnotherapy.

Meditation, self-hypnosis, relaxation, past life regression techniques and mindfulness have unfortunately with the best intentions become caught up with unqualified spiritualism/new age practices. Therefore, most ethically qualified and experienced therapists distance themselves from Complementary medicine and Alternative healing philosophies.

Mindfulness is a very easy technique to adapt to any self-healing style just like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). A typical mindfulness meditation consists of focusing attention on each breath flowing in and out from the lungs. If thoughts arise and they will, these are gently redirected with our minds, until little by little mind, body and emotion become accustomed to total relaxation as a daily experience.

Except sudden trauma, calamity and war, every good, bad or indifferent experience we must give our total attention to and consistently focus on for once a day for 30 days before they manifest (inadvertently or deliberately) as feelings or experiences. People have free will and can choose what to focus on, go ahead, settle down comfortably in a quiet, warm or cool place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for a short while. Be sure that your back is well supported and that you can maintain this position without falling asleep. Now close your eyes and start focusing on each inhalation and exhalation:

INHALE deeply through your nostrils… HOLD the air briefly… SIGH the air slowly from your lips…

INHALE deeply… HOLD it… EXHALE with a sigh…

INHALE deeply… HOLD it… EXHALE slowly…

Let your thoughts come and go and repeat the above cycle another 17 times. At first, to avoid distraction, set a soft alarm on one of your devices/clocks to end this mindfulness cycle after 20 minutes.

For total relaxation repeat the above daily for 30 days preferably at the same time and in the same place. After that, you might even want to dispense with the device/clock. For even better results, set yourself one goal (relaxation, comfort or peace of mind) on which to focus.



With the best will in the world and to save oneself a great deal of time, expense and disappointment Mindfulness is no substitution for appropriate therapy or counselling. Mindfulness will help maintain, advance and accelerate all appropriate remedies including healing from medical ailments.

True, a few people did manage to overcome many of their challenges on their own with self-help but they can be counted in single numbers. Mindfulness is a collective name for meditation, self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

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