Stress management

Stress management



Stress is humanity’s constant companion and it is also a silent killer when unmanaged.

Stress might be humanity’s constant companion and ‘Stress management counsellors’ can use many methods to help clients to control their stress and improve daily life. In this context, stress refers to significant and negative consequences compared to distress cited by the caring professions.

Stress produces scientifically quantifiable physical and mental symptoms which correspond to an individual’s situation. Stress is a subjective experience, but can lead to decline in physical, mental and emotional health. Learning to reduce stress effectively is key to a happy and successful life in any society. Life creates demands that are difficult to handle as well as abundant ways to manage the anxiety of stress and to maintain overall well-being. People do not regard their stress provoking situations in the same way or always as problematic.

Stress is humanities worse enemy and a silent killer.

Humanity is unlike technology or machinery and there are no ‘one-fit-all’ remedies. There is no such thing as one technique to deal with stress professionally and another for self-help. Some people are better than others in stress reduction while others can do so only with professional help, before feeling positive and in control of their life, including promoting general well-being. Succumbing to stress is not a sign of character weakness. Stress is a serious impediment to human life and leads to serious illnesses like heart attack, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, migraine, depression and other life altering symptoms.

Evaluating the effectiveness of any therapy can be difficult regardless of the amount and quality of evidential techniques. Some treatments are effective for one person and not at all for another. What is valid for Stress Management is also relevant for Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Orthodox psychology, Complementary medicine or Alternative healing treatments. Each human being has individual requirements and therapy must be tailored to them regardless how busy and complex lives are now.

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