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Hypnotherapy - Stress management - Counselling in Leeds

by Effie Gardner

and resolve and relieve most:

Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Counselling are tested and outstanding therapeutic treatments designed to support people to manifest positive goals they want to reach.

After thirty years experience in personal development and nearly twenty years in the field of therapy, I can say with confidence to every individual I accept as a client, that they may only count on 100% commitment on my part to their treatment’s successful outcome. However, each person accepted to work with me must make an equal commitment of a 100% to themselves, to reach the goals of creating the very best life they would be willing to tolerate. With such an excellent start nothing could stand in the way or be beyond the realms of reason for anyone’s ability to resolve problems and challenges they face at the moment they call me.

For the reasons above, when you first call, we’ll have a brief consultation. First, to help you decide if you would feel at ease about working with me on your important personal matter and second, is for us to asses if my professional skills are best suited to your needs. These questions are vital if the assistance on offer can be less of an effort or traumatic than just going on suffering silently from emotional pain, discomfort or distress.  So don’t just say that the issues you are dealing with now, from the past or your concerns about the future, are too complicated to overcome and then just soldier on silently and alone.

You can accomplish well-being in a relatively short time and the effort you invest resolving your difficulties can transform your entire life. The statements in these pages are not ‘off the cuff’ or ‘throw-away’ remarks, as changing your life experience can be remarkable. Every year I have already been able to assist hundreds of people.

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