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by Effie Gardner

Recently I looked at pages of other professionals to see what they do well when they help those contacting them for assistance.

Suddenly I realise that I am doing exactly what many looking for professionals do by comparing their: Skills, Training, Experience, Professional bodies, Prices, Locations, etc… and after a very long time I felt none the wiser or remembered what I was looking for.

So instead of bragging about my latest IT gadgets, Comparison things and all Social media quotes, I am inviting people to visit my web pager and make their own mind up if what I offer could be of use to them. I ask people to ignore that I don’t have the latest IT things, as I am much better sitting in front of clients.

Technology might have accelerated exponentially, but people seeking help do best the old fashion way, one to one, face to face, one person helping another while they are not as strong as the would like to be. So I inviting you to just reach for the phone/mobile and talk to a therapist you found what they say in their own advertising pages follows:

FIRST: Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Counselling are tested and outstanding therapies designed to support people to develop positive goals they want to live.

SECOND: I am not the cheapest on the market

THIRD: I usually take clients enquires in person, return their call as soon as humanly possible and I am a very effective therapist after thirty years of experience in personal development and nearly twenty years in the field of therapy. So I can say with confidence to every individual I accept as a client, that they may only count on 100% commitment on my part to their treatment’s successful. However, each person I accepted to work with me must make an equal commitment 100% to themselves, to reach the goals of creating the very best life they would be willing to tolerate. With such an excellent start nothing could stand in the way or be beyond the realms of reason for anyone’s ability to resolve problems and challenges they face at the moment they call me.

For the above reasons, when you first call, we’ll have a brief consultation. First, to help you decide if you would feel at ease about working with me on your important personal matter and second, is for us to asses if my professional skills are best suited to your needs. These questions are vital if the assistance on offer can be less of an effort or traumatic than just going on suffering silently from emotional pain, discomfort or distress. don’t just say that the issues you are dealing with now, from the past or your concerns about the future, are too complicated to overcome and then just soldier on silently and alone.

You can accomplish well-being in a relatively short time and the effort you invest in resolving your difficulties can transform your entire life. In these pages are not ‘off the cuff’ or ‘throw-away’ remarks, yet changing your life experience can be both remarkable and welcome. Over the years I have been able to assist thousands of people.

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For humanity there is no such a thing as too little stress and certainly not for very long or sustained periods.

Some people lament that in the past they thrived on stress and that of course may be true, but what we love at twenty can feel like chronic fatigue or become a terminal illness in just five days, weeks, months or years later.

It is totally normal and everyone is susceptible to or can succumb to stress. Just listen to the news or read a newspaper to learn of graphic stories of stress ruining the lives of otherwise successful and calm people.

Example: Did anybody guessed that Robin Williams was suffering from stress and that it would lead to depression that lead him to take his own life? I didn’t and suspect he did not know, admit and/or accept how bad things were until much too late! Because if he did, he would have listened to concerned friends and none of us would have heard about it wither.

However, now it is too late and it is just another academic question but no for him!

Stress is a silent killer and the source of much human misery.

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